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Message Subject do christians believe in dinosaurs?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There are behemoths and dragons in the bible. Why wouldn't Christians believe in dinosaurs? When one can see the bones and fossil records why would Christians discount factual evidence? Despite humanity's failings, including and especially Christians, truth is what is being uncovered.

Creationism and dinosaurs are not in opposition to one another. There are a great many scientists who are also Christians. As another poster said, carbon dating has been proven to be false. Why would we be so certain that humans and dinosaurs didn't coexist in some capacity?

As time passes science comes closer and closer to realizing God's existence. As much as they would rather be merely an animal who "evolved" from another animal so that they have no one to answer to other than themselves. Evolution is a theory which is more difficult to believe in than the fact that the universe has intelligent design.
 Quoting: A Friend

Carbon dating is wholly irrelevant to dinosaurs.

As for why humans and dinos couldn't live together, well, try finding some Cambrian strata era bunnies or human fossils.
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