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Message Subject Syria False Flag: Does Erdogan kill his own people ?!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
According to the chief editor of the Turkish daily “Yurt”, Mr. Merdan Yanardag, the newspaper has received reliable information that Turkey has supplied the grenades to the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA)

which later killed five civilians in the Turkish border town of Akçakale and numerous people were injured.
“This information confirms, that the wrong policies of the Erdogan government are behind the bombardment of the city with mortar shells, which has cost the lives of five Turks,” wrote Yanardag.

That means in plain text, that Erdogan is a traitor and a murderer of his own people! He is a puppet of the U.S. and conducts its criminal policy of a “regime change” in Syria.

1-ZDF hatte Recht: “Die Granaten auf die Türkei sind NATO-Munition”
[link to syrieninfo.blogspot.de]

2- Syria: The Grenades on Turkey are NATO Ammunition
[link to www.syrianews.cc]

3-German state TV reports: Syrian rebels claim responsibility for attack on Turkey
[link to www.maxam.net]
 Quoting: DoomneT

The hole syria-war is a black CIA operation and Erdogan is a CIA agent...they need syria and the harbor of Tartus for supply lines when iran war starts. The main problem is, in Tartus there is the russian black sea fleet, so U.S. can't be too offensive without starting ww3 immediately...
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