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Message Subject SYRIA-TURKEY CRISIS UPDATES : Almost 150 killed as Syria truce collapses, Meanwhile US Deploys Troops & 70 Nuclear Bombs in Turkey
Poster Handle DoomneT
Post Content
A look at Turkey’s military capability

Turkey has sent reinforcements to its border with Syria. It has warned of stronger retaliation if Syrian shells continue to land on Turkish soil but made it clear it does not seek war.

Here is an overview of the Turkish armed forces:


– Turkey has the second largest standing force in NATO after the United States.

– Its armed forces consist of nearly 890,000 personnel including 378,700 reserves.


Numbers: 402,000 personnel including 325,000 conscripts

- 4,503 main battle tanks, most of which are M48A5 T1/T2s, 310 reconnaissance vehicles, 650 armoured infantry fighting vehicles and 3,643 armoured personnel carriers

- 7,787 artillery pieces, more than 5,813 mortars and 1,363 attack missiles


– Turkey has two tactical air forces divided between east and west.

Numbers: 60,000 personnel

- The country has more than 338 combat-capable aircraft, as well as transport planes and gunship helicopters. There are 54 U.S. Northrop F-5A/B Freedom fighter aircraft and 284 ground attack aircraft including 70 F-4E Phantoms and F-16C/Ds with more to be delivered by the end of 2012.

- 40 transport helicopters and more than 178 SAM missiles for air defence


Numbers – 48,600 personnel including 34,500 conscripts

- The navy has 14 submarines, 18 frigates, 52 patrol and coastal boats and 27 mine countermeasure and warfare vessels.

* PARAMILITARY: There is a 100,000-strong national guard with 50,000 reserves, its own vehicles and equipment. Turkey’s Coast Guard force has 3,250 personnel including 1,400 conscripts and 1,050 from the Navy. The coast guard has 98 patrol and coastal boats.

[link to stratrisks.com]
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