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Message Subject SYRIA-TURKEY CRISIS UPDATES : Almost 150 killed as Syria truce collapses, Meanwhile US Deploys Troops & 70 Nuclear Bombs in Turkey
Poster Handle DoomneT
Post Content
what I find strange is that the Arabs/Ismams/Muslims do not stand together .... look at Jordan, saudi, Turkey etc ...

they side with the USA and provoke war against their own religion and support and supply the 'rebel terrorists'with money and arms/ammunition

fucking hippocrates if you ask me... and seems to me that Islam/Muslim are backstabbers, greedy, easy to 'buy' and dont give a shit about their own people/ religion

but suppose it all boils down to 'money'... or am i 'missing' something here?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20129820

Yes, if you look at some of the rebels, they seem very good trained, and some of them according to dutch journalist, who was kept by the rebels some weeks ago, and later released, said to the media, "most of the rebels have english/us accents.

Don't remember the name of journalist, i will try to look for this

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