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Message Subject JUST-IN: French Police Discover Bomb-Making Materials in Radical-Islamist's Garage
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
French anti-terrorist police have found bomb-making materials and weapons in the suburbs of Paris while investigating suspected radical Islamists across the country.

"We are clearly confronted with an extremely dangerous terror network," Paris prosecutor Francois Molins said in a statement to the media.

Investigators searched garages in the town of Torcy, near Paris, overnight after an anti-terrorist raid on Saturday ended with police shooting dead an Islamist suspect linked to a grenade attack last month on a Jewish supermarket and arresting 11 others.

Molins said a shotgun, a revolver, bags of potassium nitrate, sulphur and a pressure cooker were discovered at a garage used by the suspect, at whose home police on Saturday had found a list of Jewish groups in the Paris area.

"These are all products used to make what we call improvised explosives," he said.

[link to www.telegraph.co.uk]
 Quoting: DoorBert

Sry but i can tell you, it is absolute propaganda
Since one week they arresting people suddenly, we have seen
nothing, no images, no videos, and some of arrested
are claiming they are not terrorists. families complain

Its all part of zionist propaganda, cause french politics
are and suck israel's ass
Actually france is Israel, is the same
We are infiltrated here too with Satan Zionist Organisation

Just look who are François Hollande, and Sarkozy Family
 Quoting: DoomneT

Yes, bringing the muslim or terror news to the mainstream is propaganda as we can see it is being done in every part of the world now. But why now?

Well, I think they are conditioning people for what they are about to stage and blamed on muslims. People are slowly being eased into the news of a sudden False Flag about to occur.
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