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Message Subject JUST-IN: French Police Discover Bomb-Making Materials in Radical-Islamist's Garage
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just what is Radical Islam we should ask the MSM?

That happens when Muslim Brothers in the ME get murdered and abused for Oil Profits and other Muslims Brothers anywhere in the world get really upset, maybe even violent and want to take revenge (like any family) on the Western Infidel.

Them we should ask the MSM if recent events in the ME could radicalise huge portions of the Western Islamic Population, as seen in the heated protests in the west over something as simple as a movie clip. Then we should ask the MSM what it would take for said pissed off minorities to do something extreme to the enemy amongst who they live. Then finally we should ask Western Politicians why they have allowed such minorities to flourish on their watch when they are at economic war with the ME over oil resources.

They politicians will say that the voters who gave them their jobs allowed them to, and this is why events like 7/7 happened. The politicians will tell you it's their voters responsibilty to keep their Muslim neighbours moderate...

The creatures running our world are Insane...deeply detached for their Human Capital.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1760050

I think Islamic mentals are insane - the enemy they live amongst? No one requested they apply for assylum in their so called " great hated " countrys... actually few at all even want them here. Fewer by the week lately ...

Their govts sold the oil ffs, lol. I do not much care about what some insane panty bomber waiting for the non existant madhi to race to their return tells them. If they can't work it out themselves ... maybe they should just stay in the so called " better place " with the so called " better people " and they wont need to worry about it hey.
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