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Message Subject JUST-IN: French Police Discover Bomb-Making Materials in Radical-Islamist's Garage
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There will be a point when the French will wake up and stop muslim immigration. Hope it's not too late.
 Quoting: indiandave

I hope that there will be a point when you will realize that all this shit is propaganda.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25299532


The only propaganda is this kind of shit that you spew out... saying that its not the muzzies.
 Quoting: Hitokiri

I'm 25299532.
Yes, they probably dismantled a small group of islamist extremist with "some bags of ammonium nitrat".
But why do they made such a big thing of that.
Dismantled small terrorist groups is not uncommon : there are lots of leftish, extreme-right, independentist like corsica or ETA etc...dismantled every years, sometimes with VERY LARGE ammount of explosives and it's only one word on the news.

And there, we have 12 people on custody, with 1 shotgun, 1 handgun, "some" bags of ammonium nitrat, and news are speaking about that worldwide ??

Don't you see something there ?
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