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Message Subject HOLY SHIT, Man actually eating a dude on a train (VIDEO)
Poster Handle ayr phorce yuan
Post Content
If you control a man's head you can control his body. In this instance we just witnessed you can grab his ears, hair, eyes. throat or fulcrum from behind. You can then get him off the victim and break the attacker's balance by twisting and turning him while you are bringing him backward and down.

These moves are easy and quite effective, even for a smaller person against a larger person.

However, I am not certain what these drugs are doing to the pain threshold of the attackers. Just know that fingers plunged into the eyes of an attacker will almost always put you at an advantage.

 Quoting: A Friend

Hey, there is a scary drug out there at the minute, I think they discovered it in columbia, you simply blow or spray this powder and within minutes you can instruct the victim to do ANYTHING and they will carry out the order, I will look it up. I saw a video on it, madness.
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