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Message Subject HOLY SHIT, Man actually eating a dude on a train (VIDEO)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
AM i missing something? That man is no threat to anyone except the poor guy he has pinned down. He's half brain dead, and he can't even open his eyes,

I"m a peaceful man by nature, but I'd smack him right off that bloke if i saw that shit happening.

And I'd bounce him off a wall until someone turned up with cuffs if i had to. Jeez, how sheepish can you get?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1449081

And I would help you, and EXPECT others around to help also, the world is full of liberal pussies, there are times when you need to step up and do something, and if this was not one of those times then I have no idea what is. Batshit crazy stuff.
 Quoting: ayr phorce yuan

I would think so. How can people stand around watching shit happen and not expect it to reach THEM in time?

It's like they have no foresight at all...
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