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Message Subject NYPD's Stop and Frisk Policy, hidden video "I'll break your fucking arm then punch you in the face before I arrest you"
Poster Handle Philligan
Post Content
Quick story I slept at my Fiances house on new years eve last year, I had parked my car (a brand new White BMW 335d) on the street.

The car was broken into and they stole my GPS by smashing the windows out.

Anyways I called the cops and they basically said we don't send anyone out for that type of crime.

Well I happened to have a cop car drive by me as I was outside cleaning up. I waved at the cops to stop and they circled around and put their window down.

They looked at me and said "who do you think you are waving us down like that?"

I said well officer as you can see my car windows were smashed and my GPS was stolen.

They said well were on our way to a call and possibly we will stop back later.

Listen to this YouTube video these guys are acting like Mobster tough guys and its unexcusable.

This video needs to be seen
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