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Message Subject I'm a little teapot
Poster Handle ArmchairObserver
Post Content
I hear you and you know I hear you. I don't know what the hell was done with me and I do not know for what purpose. Yes, there's stuff on the net that you and I both have matched up to. Without a doubt and hell, I've got a damn tape of one of the things used on me for all you that want to say that situations like this are all b.s. You don't think that some really wonky stuff has happened to children here in the US? Guess again. It happened and some of it just can't be explained away by bad parenting. The nasty thing about it is that the very nature of it is one where people will either think you're crazed in thinking that it's possible that these things could be done or will just be so scared that they will duck their heads in the sand and tell you to let it go because it's scaring THEM. Both are attitudes that would be very convenient to someone who is doing such things because either work amazingly well in preventing both public dissemination of information and making sure that it is stopped.

I had some very strange things happen with me and, honestly, I terrify myself. I wish I was either crazy or living in my mother's basement. I really do and I know that light here probably wishes that, too. One could be resolved with a pill and the other would mean that I could feel confidant that every day that my children walk out the door to go to school, they're still going to be in relatively good hands.
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