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Message Subject I'm a little teapot
Poster Handle OP
Post Content
To all-
My usual computer got stuck in an IP ban. Will come back to this in a few weeks when it'll invariably lift. In the meantime I probably don't need to leave GLP trails on a work computer.

To the sheep-
I really don't care what some scared or blind sheep say about what they believe or don't believe. I'm quite aware of how easy it is to wear blinders. In some ways I envy you, not many, but some.

To anyone half awake and bothering to listen-
What I'm looking for is a way to move on and away from this fucking nightmare.
Because even if it's not still happening..there are few ways to know what's PTSD flashbacks at this point and what's actually continuing.
It's still got it's ugly black tentacles in my mind. I can't look at a single thing with innocent or trusting eyes, all I see is a people open and ready for exploitation, and those ready and actively working on doing the exploiting, and that scares me. That can't be all this life is. There has to be more.

Thanks. It means a lot.
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