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Message Subject I'm a little teapot
Poster Handle lightchild_uk
Post Content
What is your Myers-Briggs personality type The Light Under the Door ?

Most people in the real world are either

ISFJ = 13.8%
ISTJ = 11.6%
ESFJ = 12.3%
ESTJ = 8.7%

[link to www.myersbriggs.org]

But most people on the internet are INTJ (including me)

I see this in my employment, something changes and everyone is moaning and they won't stand for it.
But when the crunch comes it is normally me on my own and everyone is suddenly against me, denying they ever agreed with me.

It is probably because most people seem to be lazy and dishonest. Anything for an easy life.

I did some work in marketing and there was a story of someone doing market research.
They demonstrated the product and told their audience the price. Most people told the researcher that the product was amazing and at that price they would buy one.
He said great I just so happen to have some with me, so who would like to buy one now. He soon found out the genuine people.

So perhaps you wouldn't want people who are easily swayed when you are doing expensive cutting edge scientific research?
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