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Message Subject I'm a little teapot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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To take over my own thread for a moment:

The having to kill the animals thing..that's what happens to most research animals anyway, on a professional level it's not that big of a deal..it is, but it isn't. It was just the last straw for me.
The problem is I usually find myself dragged into these types of situations without my consent, either locked in by suggestion or under the influence of god knows what...whatever it takes to get me to the other side of what I'm assuming is supposed to be a mental block..like a curtain that hides all (it's shredded at this point thanks to my persistence, I can see through the holes, HA), and regressed to an emotional age of a child. These ARE NOT the kind of situations anyone should be in when in a vulnerable emotional state of mind.
This has been going on for freaking ages. When I was a teen and no longer speaking to the woman in charge of me, she'd catch me on my way home and get me to believe I was 10 years old. Yeah, I'm that fucking easy to manipulate I guess. So "ten year old" me would go with her to all of these events and random trials. There were a lot of movies in the behavioural lab so I checked the dates when they were released..these movies weren't even made until I was at least 15, which means I wasn't a 10 year old when watching them, regardless of what I was led to believe. I feel so freaking easily duped and so angry at those that have been a part of it.
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