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Message Subject I'm a little teapot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The whole "this is an amazing thing" sell does get on my nerves. When I think of my friend that was like that it just makes me sad. We were in the same programs for a while. We went to the same events, same trials, played at his house. His sister was in even more full time than us..I only ever knew of her by rumour even though I was always in touch with that family for the longest time. She was just always tucked away in some program. She was super young, a toddler when I first met her adopted family and my friend. It scares me. But back to my friend.. he always seemed so excited, so wide eyed and naive when we were walking into the venues, always going on and on about how amazing it would be, he would run up ahead and be the first to the door..so..fucking...duped. I always wondered how high or misled he was. Even back then I questioned how he could think those things were fun. Now I wonder about how he turned out and if he's okay.
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