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Message Subject I'm a little teapot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
How the hell do I know the past is over? :/
 Quoting: Light under the door

When you choose for it to be over, it will have no power over you. When you face your fears they no longer have power over you, they will fade away like the darkness does from the rising sun.
 Quoting: AC

It's really not that simple. Sure, you can choose not to be a victim, and then certain kinds of cognitions will dissipate and become easier to deal with. But when it comes to hardcore mind control, it's a lot more complicated. I am not saying that a person can't dig themselves out, and I refuse to believe that there's no escape for someone like OP, but it's a long, hard, gruesome journey. It takes some survivors years before they can fully cut ties with their handlers and finally stop the abuse. Years. Part of the difficulty is identifying the handlers and abusers, behaviors that suck you in, and various other "triggers."

When a mind is split, amnesia walls are built, thus many people under mind control have no idea about it. She's already on the right path. She's broken through some of the first walls in recognizing something is wrong, and has been since childhood. The next steps are more elusive, much trickier, and frankly, dangerous. Simply willing the abusers away won't cut it. But oh, if it did. If only it did... *sigh*
 Quoting: Runaway

Doesn't help when I still like someone that's quite capable of using me. But Christ, when you can't escape you can at least pick the nicest one, right? Bleh.

I was looking at that "how to create a MC slave" book the other day..the Cisco Wheeler and Fritz one. I could swear I've seen Fritz quite a few times over the years. That face is hard to forget. And he's supposed to be the "saviour" or whatever, right? I don't think so, he's one of us. I know my own kind. But it makes me realise that when we seek out safety from something so strange, sometimes that safety has to have some of the same signatures as the mess, because who else could ever possibly understand. It does make it difficult to truly break free, especially when we're reminded that the world we'd be breaking free into is just a larger Petri dish.

I may be rambling.
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