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Message Subject I'm a little teapot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
censored because Rocky is just that bad

 Quoting: rocky/endtime truths

Thanks hf

You didn't miss much with school.
In the end I ended up railroaded into a credential to fit my training and not what I wanted from life. It's just an absolute waste of paper.
 Quoting: The Light Under the Door

Not bad just sad, How could someone understand without experiences, They can't and don't want to understand so I just deleted my post.
 Quoting: rocky/endtime truths

I'm sorry :(
I suppose everything's hard to believe if a person has no way to measure what's beyond a very dull life. I try to keep an open mind but even I turned off when listening to the video from the super soldiers link someone posted. I turned off because the guy started talking about out of body experiences where the person's soul was sent into a lab grown baby. There are just places the mind has trouble travelling. I've witnessed some pretty strange stuff, I've dissociated my way out of my body more times than I can count...but the idea of combining the two...I can't even easily accept it.
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