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Message Subject I'm a little teapot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Watched the video.....Ive seen a couple of others who claim to be supers soldiers.
I noticed the most important thing for him to get out. Was that this was a nazi based program. He was very hard to interview in the beginning because he had to say this speech. Whether this was done on his own or it was forced/programed. I dunno. Definitely had to get it out. He couldn't continue until he had.
The other is his, not remembering faces. Which I believe you had mentioned Light. That I presume is to protect himself. What you don't see/remember can't come back to haunt you. Remember the eyes are the window to the soul. Who would want to remember the look on someones face.....I'm sure its easier to not connect with anyone, even in general. That way you don't start feeling anything for them.
As for the soldier and alien part.....Who knows.

On an end note. Wouldn't surprise me if it was true.....Or if this was an elaborate disinformation scheme.
 Quoting: Blue Skies

Yeah, the alien bit I chose to selectively ignore. It's not that I don't believe that outsiders can exist, I'm just not ready to hear weird stories about them.

But the first half...Jesus. So much stuff was similar to my experience that it was creepy.
Stuff like:

a) We're from the same year essentially.

b) He too isn't sure of his age (notice he says "4 or 5" "8 or 9" etc a lot. I do that too because my actual age and the age on my birth certificate are a year apart roughly.

c) One of my earliest memories is of being kidnapped from a facility (I call it a research hospital), which I could never fully understand, because I still grew up in similar stuff, so I wasn't exactly being saved apparently? But he has the same story of being kidnapped from one facility only to end up being raised by people still involved in it...he blames it on factions fighting...sounds as plausible as anything.

d) The blurring out faces. I was taught to do that. You said he mentioned that too?

e) The being raised by a family involved in alphabet agency stuff and inventing for military/alphabet agency stuff. If you change "step dad" in his story to "grandfather" in mine, and MI5/6 to CIA, we've got a match.

f) This is just silly, but one of his stories ends in "and I found myself half a mile away on the beach not sure of how I got there". Those are the EXACT words from one of my stories (but without the assassin part).

g) International abduction/travel as a small child.

And other little things. It's damn near creepy.
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