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Message Subject I'm a little teapot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I don't blame you for changing to pencil and paper. Would be safer that way......Maybe make copies of it and put them in different places. That's if you haven't done so already :)

As always well written and easy to understand and relate. The idea of you being told to lie about where you attended school, and for how long. That certainly shows that your guardians had something to hide.
Would make me wonder where I had learned those skills you used to deflect that kid. Being told that you hadn't still doesn't explain them away.
Didn't you guardians think that at some point as you got older, that you would question their inconsistencies? At that point.....Did they not bother trying to cover things up?
 Quoting: Blue Skies

Yeah, I seem pretty trained in some areas of being duped as well..

Oddly enough, most of the cover up, besides denial, was them changing the stories to compensate for whatever new evidence I had pulled up.
The last time I spoke to one of the original "crew", I gave her false evidence and she tried to change the story to compensate for it as well (I think they're getting senile..the originals are in their 70s now).

When I was little my guardian told me "true stories change with time, if someone always tells you the same story they're lying." I think she told me that to set me up to accept and believe stories that were always changing.

I've been apologised to by several of the people that were involved over the years. One of them straight out told me MK Ultra was involved. I've even got the one that finally admitted what kind of work they were involved in. There is some level of disclosure, it's not as well hidden as one would assume it should be. Sometimes I think the disclosure is just the humanity in people (when they say they're sorry). In one case I think it was because I got someone fired for doing such a crap job at containing things, lol, but that's only a guess.
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