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Message Subject I'm a little teapot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My Dad was told that he was working for the mafia, and that he should bring his child in on the train so no one would be suspicious of him. That his child could stay at a safe place while he did his thing. His thing would be to watch this or that and make pointless reports back. What he was really being paid for was ME.

My Dad, Mom, brothers/sisters, were and many relitives were all part of some screwed up shit. This had something to do with the Catholic Chuch in association to Jesuits and Masons. As i understand it was slavery, to build nations, and manipulation of natural psychic abilities inherent in my bloodline.

The worst thing to ever happen to me was a "play", they'd put someone like me, a very young child, in a room with old men, that would then channel, Archons, or what ever you want to call them, demons, fallen angels, to interact with me. I was bait so they could learn things. I was raped, and beaten and tormented, tortued, and they tryed to make me into "one of them". Them are human husks that archons use to interact with this planet and its people.
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