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Message Subject I'm a little teapot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
May i ask you, what has caused the memories to return or/and has there always been some doubt back in your mind?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26991073

There was always doubt. I asked the adults in my life over the years and they would come up with ridiculous stories to explain it away.

1) Then I got to somewhere I felt safe(r) enough to explore. I was honestly too scared to before.
2) Someone from my life growing up plain told me mk ultra was involved.
3) I found evidence in my own documents connecting me to mk and also disconnecting me from the people that had claimed to be my family (which confirmed my memories). I confirmed both through further research.
4) I started working on digging up things by starting with what I did remember and then following the leads in.
5) My brain now feels like some sort of in shock highly educated mush. No, that last bit doesn't need to make sense.

 Quoting: The Light Under the Door

Thanks for answering!

Reason i ask is i have doubts too, but no clues at all. Also your (and others) posts reminded me of my personality, not memories

The strange feeling of having no real control over my life, the decisions are made by others.

One of the posts of ArmchairObserver on the first page I found very interesting, as it relates to me quite well: Being an encyclopedia like computer human, needing to get more input, wanting to observe.

Anyways, i'm probably just a fucked up person. But the doubt is there.

BTW: My Dad disclosed himself as not my biological dad when i was 18, had quite the cold relationship to me, unlike to my sister.
Anyone reading this: If your kid is that old and you never told him, DON'T FFS, IT'S TOO LATE!!! YOU WILL FUCK YOUR KID UP!!!

Again, thanks for this thread, certainly one of the few diamonds on here. Sorry for being of no help.
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