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Message Subject I'm a little teapot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
We're all fucked up in one way or another. We're all in the same f'ed up game no matter if the poison was done hands on or from afar.

I say if you have doubt there's a reason, whatever it may turn out to be. The first thing you need to learn is to trust yourself. That was the hardest for me because my reality never matched the lies I kept getting told and I wanted to please the liars and warp reality until it matched what they wanted me to believe it to be.

 Quoting: The Light Under the Door

I'm sure it's not as extreme as in your case. But the word guinea pig describes it pretty well i think. Maybe I'm just paranoid.

That's a pretty clear indication of duality.
 Quoting: The Light Under the Door

Not sure what you mean by that. Why i say this is i felt as if anyone, even the closest people, laid stones onto my way. Maybe they had too big expectations, especially my mother.

I went to an ivy league university and lived in the ghetto. Stranger things have happened. Maybe sometimes they need intelligent expendables. 1dunno1 It's all turned me into a bit of a pessimist if you can't tell lol.
 Quoting: The Light Under the Door

Yeah it's not really strange, but this school showed me how different i am or feel.

Anyways, thanks for disclosing your past, it's very unnerving and enlightening.
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