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Message Subject I'm a little teapot
Poster Handle Kaw-Liga
Post Content
I've been doing some real work to unblock memories, even those that were made hazy or blocked by drugs.

I didn't really expect to remember surgeries though because there's a difference between getting slipped a drug in public and having it pumped in via IV at a doctor's. You kind of expect that the memories from the latter are just wiped clean.

Well, now I remember the normal surgeries (there have only been a couple) that I've ever had under "twilight anaesthesia". It turns out I'm quite the ham. It's supposed to make a person sleepy and obedient, and I was obedient and accepting enough but I would become super chatty and lay there with my head lifted up trying to watch everything the surgeon did with great interest. In one case they tried to make me stop (I think they thought I would freak out), but I kept watching and asking so many questions that the surgeon finally gave up and started explaining and showing me all the gruesome bits.

I also recover quicker from it...which I can confirm by my munching down on snack foods two minutes out of surgery to the great horror and puke-faces of all of the recovering patients around me. I am just going to judge that it was unusual based on the expressions of everyone else there.

There was one time I was put fully under to the point that a machine was breathing for me. But when I came out from under the anaesthesia (I came out happily singing a song) the surgeon and nurses were just staring at me as if they had never seen such a thing. You would think they would be used to people high from the anaesthesia..or maybe I really am a freak when it comes to how I respond to these things. Probably too much practice being under the influence of "shut up, take it, and don't remember" drugs.

I'm a bit worried about the next time I need surgery..what if I get off the table and start dancing? lol.
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