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Subject Protest Song from a Patriot whose home is being foreclosed on.
Poster Handle 442
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Sending this because I understand where he is coming from---
pass along if you can--- or not....


About a 1 ½ ago, I got the foreclosure notice on my house. To keep my head from exploding, I sat down and wrote a song called ďWhat About UsĒ. The song is very personal and controversial so I decided to record it as a solo project. This is not a Kinderhook song. Once you hear the song, youíll understand why I decided not to offer the song for sale. Itís free. Thatís where all of you come in. If I can get this song out there, it may open some doors for me, and possibly the band, to sell some music. Wouldnít it be a kick in the pants if after all these years music was the thing that saved my house?
What Iím asking you to do is to go to my website, www.whataboutus-andy.com and listen to the song. Then, forward the link or download the song and pass it forward. Send it to everyone you know. Post it on your facebook pages. Go to the facebook page Andy Fediw Unfinished Business and click the LIKE button. Send it to radio stations and newspapers. Hell, send it to Oprah and Ellen! Whatever you can think of. I believe in this song but I canít do this alone. Thatís why Iím asking for your help. Will you help me try to save my house with music?

[link to www.whataboutus-andy.com]
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