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Subject Evidence Suggesting Dan Oates Provided False Information to Press about James Holmes
Poster Handle Beelzebubinfo
Post Content
I've been away a while so I hope I'm not repeating something new here but I'd love any comments on this new evidence I found linking the Aurora Chief of Police to a Fox News reporter and the possibility that Dan Oates is the law enforcement insider that was leaking false information to the press about James Holmes

This if from my article at [link to www.thedevilsadvocates.info]

I know what it must look like by now, but I swear to you I don’t have a personal grudge against the Aurora, Colorado Chief of Police, Dan Oates. Frankly, I don’t hold a grudge against ANYONE in this case. All I am doing is simply continuing my research into areas that don’t make a lot of sense in the official story of the mass shooting on July 20th, 2012 and going where the story leads me. Unfortunately, poor Chief of Police Dan Oates keeps coming up in the center of a lot of unexplained behavior, like new evidence that suggests Dan Oates himself could have been leaking false information to the press in the early days following the shooting.

If you recall, a while back I wrote an article explaining how an “unnamed law enforcement insider” had leaked information to Fox News regarding the discovery and contents of a supposed notebook sent by James Holmes to the University of Colorado. When the University attempted to correct false reporting about the notebook (specifically that it was mailed a week or so before the shooting and was just sitting in their mail room), Fox News stood by their erroneous statement due to their firm faith in their law enforcement insider’s trustworthiness. It later came out that Fox News had to retract their story and apologize for reporting false information. The notebook was not put in the mail to the university until at LEAST the night of the shooting (if not the morning after) as evidenced by the postmark on the package. So who was this mysterious law enforcement insider that Fox News trusted so much? We’ll get to that in a moment.

But first, you might also remember an article I wrote exposed the fact that the supposed statement by James Holmes the night of the shooting that “I am the Joker” was apparently not true. That false statement was also corrected on television’s “Face the Nation” during an interview when a reporter repeated it and was corrected by another who said, “So…so…he definitely did dye his hair bright red like the character the Joker and police did have an early report that he said that ‘I am the Joker’ but as they’ve run that backwards, that report has turned out not to be true. So, yes on the hair and no on the utterance…” So again, where did this story originate that James Holmes claimed to be the Joker? In my opinion, this statement made VERY early in the investigation put an image in the public’s mind of a crazed killer acting out the role of the Joker and yet the statement apparently was untrue just like reports that he supposedly spit on jailers was also false. Watch the video here for yourself:

[See Video in the original article]

So again, where is this disinformation coming from? Well, I recently dug into the origins of the “I am the Joker” reference and was shocked to find where it appears to have originated from. The statement appears to first show up in the press as being said by the New York City Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly of all people. Ray Kelly is apparently quoted in dozens of sources regarding the statement such as the one seen here:

[link to abcnews.go.com]

see also this revealing article [link to www.eonline.com]

One first has to ask why a New York City Police Commissioner is talking to the press about a shooting in Aurora, Colorado. However, you may also recall that I recently wrote an article explaining how the Chief of Police in Aurora, Dan Oates was a 20+ year police veteran of the New York City Police Department and a major player in Police intelligence in New York just weeks before the September 11th attacks in 2001. It appears that Dan Oates and NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly are long lost buddies from the good old days. While Dan Oates has refused to say WHAT exactly he said to his old friend Ray Kelly after the shooting, he did at least acknowledge that he had talked to him.

So, we know the NYPD Police Commissioner talked to the Chief of Police in Aurora, Colorado after the shooting and then started telling reporters that James Holmes called himself the Joker, a statement that later turns out to be false. There seems to me to be a fair chance this false information may have been shared when the two of them talked. But wait…it gets better!

It just so turns out upon FURTHER investigation that the NYPD Police Commissioners son, Greg Kelly, is a reporter for….

wait for it….



That’s right!!! According to wikipedia.com, Greg Kelly is “…an American broadcast journalist. He was the co-host of ‘Good Day New York’; before being promoted to the 6 pm and 10 pm news. Previously, he was the co-host of ‘Fox and Friends’ and a White House correspondent for Fox News. Kelly is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves.” Further, the article explains “Kelly is a native of Garden City, New York. His father is New York City Police Commissioner, Raymond W. Kelly. Kelly graduated from Fordham University with a B.A. in political science. While attending Fordham, Kelly worked at WFUV as an on-air reporter.” See for yourself!

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

So I’m not saying this is what happened but let me break it down for you.

Chief of Police, Dan Oates, of Aurora Colorado is a long time associate of NYPD Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly who’s son just so happens to work for Fox News.
Dan Oates admits to talking to Ray Kelly after the shooting though he won’t say what about.
Then Ray Kelly goes before news reporters claiming that James Holmes called himself the Joker (a statement later proven to be false) and later,
Fox News falsely reports that a notebook was sent by James Holmes to the University of Colorado a full week or so before the shooting which also turns out to be false but Fox News stood by the false report for so long because they had it on a good insider tip inside law enforcement.
Hmmmm…..so would the Chief of Police himself be a pretty good source that you’d feel confident standing by when questioned about your facts? If the Chief of Police himself was telling ME insider information and I was the press, you can bet I’D say it came from a reliable source too!


Again, if you want to see the original article it's at

[link to www.thedevilsadvocates.info]
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