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Message Subject Forced to Give Oral Sex, Strip: Sexual Blackmail by Iowa guy.
Poster Handle eve incognito
Post Content
i wld deal with it, same way i deal with any kind of attempt to blackmail me, i'd say "get the fuck out of my face, i do not negotiate with fucking monkies".

i have to say that i am not sure what kind of people live in USA, but a college person is what, at least 18 years old. what kind of 18 year old thinks it's better to get sexually assaulted, than have her naked pics released.
how do insane rapist types get your naked picks unless she was being raped. (i assume they didn't rape these girls before the blackmail, if they had to blackmail them to rape them, so what are grownup women doing posin naked for perverts)
i don't understand, but i will not watch the video, i don't like to abuse myself like that)
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