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Message Subject Why do some people constantly tell fake stories?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
As many people lie frequently, PF [pathological lying] cannot be identified on the basis of excessive lying alone, but the qualitative nature of the pseudologue’s lies is
also quite distinct (cf. King & Ford, 1988; Weston, 1996; Wiersma, 1933). While the theme of lies can be stereotyped or varied in nature (Deutsch, 1922/1982), they are almost always dazzling or fantastical, and often develop into a complicated system of deception. The imaginative fluency of the lies tends to capture public attention, at least in the short term. The lies must keep a certain reference to reality, and though they are often unlikely, they are not beyond the realm of possibility (e.g., ‘I communicate with
’) (cf. Sharrock & Cresswell, 1989; Snyder, 1986). Under close scrutiny the lies can often be easily discredited, and for this reason the lying in PF is frequently noted to be destructive to the liar (cf. Akimoto, 1997; Hardie & Reed, 1998; Healy & Healy, 1915).

[link to psicodiagnosticoudla.files.wordpress.com]

Describes so many people/threads on GLP...

also, check out this thread:

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

some pretty amazing "people watching" at GLP, although in general I think it has damaged my faith in humanity...

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