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Subject War to return to balkans
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Today Germany blocked Ascension talks for Serbia to join the e.u.
Serbia has done everything asked of it bt the e.u.However even though 5 eu member states dont recognize kosovos independence,which is contrary to international law and resolution 1244.

Germany was/is the only blocking member for Serbias membership.

The Serbian president is not in emergency session with the democratically elected members of the government.

A strategic pact is to be formed with Russia at years end,and Serbia is to drop pursuit of e.u. membership.

This will open invitation for Russia to place a military base in kosovo,that Russia recognizes as sovereign territory of Serbia.A platform will be built upon where Serbia can then remove the illegitimate us backed terrorists in pristina.

Last time around,the yeltsin (us rent-boy) tucked tail and brought shame on Russia.

This will not happen under Putin.
WWIII is just around the corner,brought to you by GERMANY!

Its properly not safe to be in Serbia is Your German right now!
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