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China in 2012

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User ID: 15366774
United Kingdom
10/10/2012 08:31 PM
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China in 2012

Things are stirring in China as they look east into
the wide Pacific Ocean

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User ID: 24087913
United States
10/10/2012 08:53 PM
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Re: China in 2012
china is getting its oil from the russian far east for less than half of what the world is paying..they will probably call for elections within a year or so..the only military threat involving china would be the islamic incursions along its kasmir border...the jihadists are against the very system emerging in china..its called capitalist democracy..the jihadists will have insurmountable trouble taking on the russian far east and china which is why zawahiri has addressed turkey in his last 2 tapes..the only card jihad has left is their own oil in the caspian region and the arabian peninsula, the oil created by the price fixing harlot of bible prophecy which by component proirity would be jihadist controlled opec, the 4 western supermajors, and the russian private oil..prophecy tells us that the harlot will be cast down and will make war with the remnants of her seed..this war takes place on the battlefield armageddon which is symbolic of the caspian sea and its pipeline geography and the arabian peninsula..its called scorched earth war strategy...the slowdown is that if they throw the first punch correctly thay will drag everybody in the region in..look at the armies gathering within 100 miles of karachi,karachi being the clearinghouse pakistani city for the afghan-soviet war