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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
And where is the center of the galactic plane exactly? Are we just guessing? Do we know there is a "center?" Is the Earth still flat?

We dont know for sure what our galaxy looks like. We have never been there. One of our oldest satellites is just not reaching the edge of our solar system. Its foolish to think we know what our galaxy is like.

Center implies a point or place that is equally distant from the sides or outer boundaries of something. If we dont know what our own galaxy looks like how do we know there is a center?
 Quoting: Holton0289

All well and good, but I remember seeing our galaxy's disc when I was a child, so we were pretty much level with it then. Now we're just becoming completely level as it were. The sun is also brighter, getting more fuel that is accumulated in the center of the plane naturally. The Ribbon is well-attested.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25480060

Yes, ive seen the picture of the disk as well. But ask yourself....how was the picture produced? Unless god himself took the pic and mailed it out its not our galaxy.

Ill say it again. We dont know what our own galaxy looks like. In that respect, we are in the same "the earth is flat" state as people hundreds if not thousands of years ago thought of the earth.

We know so little its impossible for a human to comprehend. We dont even know for sure what gravity is, yet its all around us all the time. We have theories that mass produces gravity, if gravity is a force that causes all matter to be attracted to all other matter, why are atoms mostly empty space inside? How are the forces that hold atoms together different from gravity?

We can define what gravity is as a field of influence, because we know how it operates in the universe. And some scientists think that it is made up of particles called gravitons which travel at the speed of light. However, if we are to be honest, we do not know what gravity "is" in any fundamental way - we only know how it behaves.
 Quoting: Holton0289

A picture? Good God, man, I've seen it looking up in the sky as a kid! (sentence works best with a Bones voice from the original Star Trek)

Everything in our Universe is a Spiral and Vortex of that spiral spinning and moving through space. This is fundamental stuff, and our Galaxy is no exception, certainly.

Certainly too we know so little, because they keep us from knowing. But there's a lot TO know, and it's really not that difficult, it's out there. In fact the Creator wants you to know, because he is IT, the Universe. He hasn't hidden anything from your eyes, it's all around you man! (again, Bones) He's given you a powerful brain to contemplate and figure things out. Not everything, but it really doesn't take a genius to see what the gist of it is. Just look.

Take your gravity example. Gravity only works within close quarters so to speak. Weak, very weak. Try instead the fundamental powerful force of the universe, EM.
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