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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm not sure how to easily break up my replies as you have with the scripting for better readability, maybe someone can help me. Til then, I'll put my comments between these: <>

You again have missed my points where I have backed up my claims.........
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25480060

So far you have backed up NOTHING.
And the rest of the post that quote is from... just more and more unsubstantiated claims....

Lets go back to your first post shall we.....

In our EU, the usual nearer and stronger EM forces of the sun keep us oriented--usually.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22569292

Wrong - please explain how you claim this works

<Not wrong, completely right. I shouldn't have to explain any of this to someone who claims to have a scientific mind about her, but for the sake of someone else new to the field I will write some, and not for yours. In our EU, everything has a polarity, North and South. The Sun has such a polarity. Earth being made of an Iron core then is also magnetized to North South poles. It's what accounts for our orbit around the sun, when we stay in the balance of equilibrium, reason why our planets orbit the plane in the center and just don't orbit it any which way but loose, if I may.>
However as we approach galactic center,
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22569292

Please explain what evidence you have that we are headed towards the galactic centre, as opposed to away from the plane.

<You're the kind of gal I would reckon that when driving over a dirt road filled with potholes and all evidence of the car's shaking and pounding of the wheels, might yet deny that anything is wrong in the Road. Ah, it's but an old car perhaps, and the shocks, and it's just my imagination if nothing else. let's just forget about the subject altogether then and drive on!

You likewise haven't also formulated any intelligent response proving that we are going away from it, besides for a few links that you are not the Author of. So wherewithwhich are your evidence? The Calendar that I base my assertions have no contemporary equal within modern day science, a fact which you keep conveniently ignoring. They didn't just pick a day out of thin air for their calendar. There is good reason, even if you try and pretend or ignore it.>
the forces there are so strong
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22569292

What forces - exactly - explain what they are, and how you claim they affect us.

<See my comments already above in regards to the North and South polarities. Strong EM forces hold us together, not the weak Gravity of which you mighty and dear, of which of all the mass on the Earth I can still counteract it by lifting my foot of the Earth and planting it in another spot.>
that we tilt even moreso sometimes
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22569292

When do we tilt more..? What evidence do you have that 'we' have tilted 'moreso'..?

<Someone who doesn't do much skywatching perhaps doesn't ever see any signs, that much is probably true.>

giving that mushroom smoking Cat like grin to the moon we witness, sometimes, even out of season.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22569292

again, a claim there is something wrong with how the Moon appears - This is just plain incorrect.

<So says you, but we already know what you are about, and countless others have lain testament to this very fact, despite so much of the ridicule to the contrary>
Not to mention the polar disarray the sun is also going through
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22569292

'Polar disarray'???

<To compound your unenlightened shame further, you also are not aware of the great twistings of the polar currents of the Sun? Eventually and I say soon, they will of necessity have to correct themselves. Every time the sun changes its regular polarity it wraps itself up with greater force, and that force with the other forces at play will make its break that much more Terrible.>
but--again--approaching galactic center.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22569292

And this again - It's still wrong.

<So says you, and just because you say it's wrong doesn't mean it's wrong, I'm sorry to say with only an ounce of sincerity at this point.>

Please explain, the above points, PROPERLEY - and back up any claims you make with REAL evidence, not just hear'say, gobbledygook buzz-words, or things you've made up on the spot.
Come on, hit me with it.
I attained MPhys(hons) 'Physics with Astyrophysics' in the mid 80s, so if there is anything substantial in your claims, I will be able to understand.

I'm open to being convinced - If you can supply REAL evidence of what you claim, I will spin on a dime and (to paraphrase Tim Minchin) carve 'Fancy that!' on the side of my cock.

Though I'm not anticipating the need of a tattooing needle anytime soon.
 Quoting: Karlos

<Modern Academia is well-known for being riddled with producing Group Think and Yes Men and other terms for the same thing: Believe what I tell you and you get your reward. We also know who controls this establishment. Free thinkers ever historically have not been rewarded. Take again Tesla, the foremost of Geniuses, who died desolate and unappreciated, even though he had the brawnish brains of a thousand Einsteins put together, although granted this isn't exactly saying very much with Einstein being he was for all intents and purposes an idiot.>
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