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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
New comments I guess I'll use: **

<In our EU, everything has a polarity, North and South. The Sun has such a polarity. Earth being made of an Iron core then is also magnetized to North South poles. It's what accounts for our orbit around the sun,>
Er-r-r-m nope!
That would be gravity

<You're the kind of gal>
Since when was 'Karlos' a Gal's name?

*IDK your tone strikes me as girlish, but perhaps it's just that although Bart is a boy, I'm left knowing that the voice behind him is from a woman*

<You likewise haven't also formulated any intelligent response proving that we are going away from it, besides for a few links that you are not the Author of. So wherewithwhich are your evidence?>
I provided links to studies on the subject - Up to now you still have provided NOTHING but misconceptions and hear'say

*No, I've given you ample evidence which you try and deny. But it's there for the astute reader, which doesn't really take anyone absolutely astute, just honest. And like I said yet again, Links don't cut it Lady.*

<The Calendar that I base my assertions have no contemporary equal within modern day science,>
What calendar would that be then..?

*That's a good one, but this question doesn't surprise me from you, as you have repeatedly shown to ignore what you will.*

<See my comments already above in regards to the North and South polarities. Strong EM forces hold us together, not the weak Gravity of which you mighty and dear, of which of all the mass on the Earth I can still counteract it by lifting my foot of the Earth and planting it in another spot.>
Way to show that your understanding of gravity is very weak.
The Sun exerts much more gravitational influence than Earth - and the earth's mass also contributes a little to the effect.
You do understand that EVERYTHING exerts some gravitaional effect don't you?

*No, gravity is only present and countable amongst small distances. Much to Learn have you. Gravity in any case is a misnomer, as it it still the electric forces amongst the atoms that produce attraction, much like static on the balloon and some paper shavings stuck to it.*

<Someone who doesn't do much skywatching perhaps doesn't ever see any signs, that much is probably true.>
I do FAR more skywatching than most - including you, I'm willing to bet.
I'm out with a scope EVERY night the sky is clear - as I type this I have a scope outside cooling to ambient temperature so I can get the best from it later tonight.

*There is something to be said with someone who Listens and someone who Hears, someone who glances, and someone who sees. You can't even see what I write, let alone see the writing in the Heavens.*

<So says you, but we already know what you are about, and countless others have lain testament to this very fact, despite so much of the ridicule to the contrary>
No, those who think there's a problem with the Moon, have very little knowledge/experience of viewing it - Any experienced observer understands field rotation.

*Field rotation is but a weak argument, always has been ever since the genius who concocted the phrase to account for the anomalies the rest of us see in the sky. We're talking about anomalies present from the same spot to the next, not going from the Southern to Northern hemisphere, for instance.*

<To compound your unenlightened shame further, you also are not aware of the great twistings of the polar currents of the Sun?>
I am perfectly aware of the Sun's cycles and currents - I'm also perfectly aware that the way the Sun is acting is nothing that it hasn't done before - and we are still here.

*And by that sentence is your own undoing! But thanks for providing it, it is indeed priceless beyond all measure I could have ever hoped for.*

<Modern Academia is well-known for being riddled with producing Group Think and Yes Men and other terms for the same thing
I can't speak for other countries - but in this country, if you go on to a University degree in a science subject, you do A LOT of your own research, verifying the principles you are taught - We don't just blindly believe what is fed us, we verify the priciples and laws with our own experiments.
 Quoting: Karlos

*It begins with all the assumptions and presuppositions underlining everything that is taught. Stray too far from the path and you get reeled in, it CANNOT be denied, except for the insanely Naive.*
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