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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
In our EU, the usual nearer and stronger EM forces of the sun keep us oriented--usually.

However as we approach galactic center, the forces there are so strong that we tilt even moreso sometimes (given whatever conditions we pass through at any given time), giving that mushroom smoking Cat like grin to the moon we witness, sometimes, even out of season.

Not to mention the polar disarray the sun is also going through not only with its own solar cycles (of which are bad enough), but--again--approaching galactic center.

These are signs of our impending pole shift.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22569292

Good grief!
Not this crap again.

1) We are currently headed AWAY from the plane of the galaxy

2) The Moon is fine, not 'crooked' at all - It is SUPPOSED to tilt.
There's an old navigational trick, taught to me by my grandfather 35yrs ago (he was a WW2 RAF navigator)
You get get an approximate 'South' bearing by extending an imaginary line across the horns of a crescent Moon, downwards.

It RELIES on the fact that the Moon tilts in a regular, predictable way.
 Quoting: Karlos

Actually we are North of the galactic plane heading down, very close now to dead center. Hmm interesting term that, now isn't it? Take a quick clue from Christian teachings, the cross is actually our crossing of the galactic plane. Jesus is the Sun/Son. He's always depicted with rays of the sun around his head.

And if you read a little closer, you'd see that it's our Earth with its iron core that makes us tilt. The moon has no such core, so then it appears to us that it IS tilted, because we in fact are at times.

It's really not much more complicated that bringing one magnetic object down and let it pass through another N/S strong EM field. When it hits that other like polarity on its way through, voila, you just might get it to turn upside down. At least you'll get some rock and roll in there.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25480060

So much wrong, where to start. The Earth has NOT tilted any more than it always has. The north star is still where it is supposed to be as are all the others. If there were some anomalous tilt they would not be. The APPARENT tilt of the Moon is a trick of perspective. EVERYTHING in the sky appears to tilt throughout the night. The Moon APPEARS tilted to the left when it rises and you are looking East. Then it is upright when high in the sky and you are looking South and then appears tilted to the right when it sets and you are looking West. At no time did the Moon or the Earth actually tilt. YOU turned while looking at it. How do we know it is only an apparent tilt? Because at the same time you see it tilted to the right and setting, someone on the other side of the world sees it tilted to the left and rising. Both can't be true. neither are. At all times the North pole of the moon is still pointed north.

And you're wrong about the galactic plane.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14143765

What you've espoused I've heard over and over again. Sorry you wasted your breath.

And no, sorry that you're also wrong about the galactic plane. I'm glad you conveniently ignored all that has been previously said, but I assume you write for the sake of the casual reader who will read the first and last.
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