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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Since you missed it in its Entirety yet AGAIN! The subject is



These things do not shift because of Field Rotation.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22268612

This navigation method RELIES on the fact that the Moon's crescent rotates as it crosses the sky?
[link to www.wilderness-survival-skills.com]

This method was taught to me by my garndfather more than 35yrs ago - and he knew it from way back in 1940 (He was a RAF navigator in WW2)
Proof that this reliable tilting is nothing new.
 Quoting: Karlos

I don't know why you can't still See what I write. Again First Links don't cut it. If you can't write in your own words means you don't understand. And I'm about to waste no more time with all the imbeciles who come straying on to this Thread. I'm a patient sort most of the time, but I DO have my limits, Lady. Gosh! (Nap Dynamite)

Second, the tilting of the Crescent was never before so often seen during all seasons, and now that it is, it's a common occurrence that FR properly explains? I don't think so.

Now that reminds me, and I'm no longer writing to you. Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass. We all know that terrible tumble she had following that WHITE furry bunny and all the rest of the Masonic etc symbolism. You also know how they put things in plain (Plane) site, but you may not have given thought to something extraordinarily obvious. The Name


Starts with the first letter of the Alphabet, The Alpha, which is composed of three (3) lines. Another 3. It is also not much more than a Pyramid, with the All-seeing Eye on top. This too is the Sun. Alpha and Omega, kind of half of Infinity (when it's a small 'a' written) and only have of 2 eyes. The Sun! It'll probably be too much of a wild stretch the following but I thought it, and so will still write it for shits and giggles if nothing more. Put 2 A's together, you get an "M" almost. Alice will soon turn to Malice! Okay , a moment of a stretch but I think the fact of her reminding of us of the Sun is True. Eye of Sauron from LOTRs.

Has anybody else also noticed BTW how terribly bigger the Sun is? Look at it only an hour before it Sets. It's Still so Bright it's Terribly Blue, causing within our Retina the instant Negative from its very Intensity! And because of the added fuel of Hydrogen from the Galactic Plane, the Corona has become ever so much Brighter and Bigger. So that this sun, if you gaze upon it at its last hour of the day is not even much Orange any more or even Red as it used to be. Blue, O how I abhor you sometimes! (not really)

In my stream of Consciousness, I'm also reminded of Superman. How did his Planet suffer Death? Their Sun Exploded.

We see the Blue Sun now, and perhaps as I've gone on Record elsewhere too (not only about the Blue appearance of the Sun but this:) that it's the Kachina warning. Blue first, then will come Red. The Red is what we shall see at Year's End when the Sun must of necessity expel all the extra fuel it has been accumulating for what? Well over 10 years now I'm sure.
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