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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Drat! I din't figure it out completely. So I'll Bold my comments. Take two or my favorite number, 3, to come I'm sure. Please bear with me.

Links don't cut it. If you can't write in your own words means you don't understand.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25665409

Of course I understand it - it's not difficult.
The navigational trick I linked to, works because the Sun is to either the East or west of the Moon when it creates the crescent. - Therefore, a line drawn downwards across the points of the horn will point to the South.
Because the Moon tilts as it crosses the sky, it will keep pointing South as it sweeps from east to West.
When the Moon is to the East or Southeast, it is tilted anti-clockwise from the perpendicular, so an imaginary line drawn across the horns of the crescent will point down and to the right - pointing towards the observer's South.
When the Moon is crossing the meridian, a line across the horns of the crescent will point straight down, and when the Moon has moved to the Southwest, or West, it will now be tilted clockwise, and a line across the horns will point down and left, again, towards the South.

 Quoting: Karlos
Hey I think I figured out this scripting thing. Oh the wonders of small things ha..

Anyway it's amazing to me how your for all your words in your reply while all well and good still miss the Fundamental Problem I've put forth. Means either you are dumb or intentionally side-stepping it, in hopes that other Readers will THINK Problem solved, when it complete actual reverse Fact, it is Not.

But you did at least explain what little you did in your own words, so thank heavens for small miracles. But this again is not much.

Let me try and explain this in the Simplest way possible for you. The Crescent and this line that points South, Sure. And when the Earth is tilted away from the Sun in Winter, the combined tilting can account for that navigational line almost going straight across our horizon almost completely Horizontally.

Now Perk up, if I've put you to sleep thus far with knowledge you already well-know.

This near horizontal crescenting can and has been seen NOT in Winter months, by me most Namely and Others.

This the your most Dire Problem, which you have yet to address, and I can understand your Plight.

My original Premise still stands, untouched, untainted. Conditions as we approach Galactic Center will cause these anomalies to Occur. Of course during this time such as now we are approaching the Winter season at the same time that we will approach the greatest of said conditions to give us more Tilting, but fortunately or unfortunately Most will be unable to notice these--since again we are in Season for them.

Second, the tilting of the Crescent was never before so often seen during all seasons.....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25665409

Yes it was - and I already explained this:
My grandfather told me of that navigation method 35yrs ago - he learned it in 1940.
It is an OLD navigational trick.
This tilting is a reliable and predictable process, which has ALWAYS happened, as long as there have been humans on the planet capable of seeing the Moon.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22569292
See my comments above, esp your not addressing the main Issue.

The Cheshire Moon is nicely called because when appearing in off seasons as it has, the frequent careful observer should be reminded that we are Tumbling down the White bunny hole.

Has anybody else also noticed BTW how terribly bigger the Sun is?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25665409

No it isn't - It is about half a degree across - same as it has been for a long time.
Note how eclipses still occur, the Moon (which is also about half a degree across) can still cover the whole face of the Sun.

Still amazingly Wrong in every bit you try and write! I am a bit surprised though you made not a peep out of annular eclipses, which Never happened before a few years ago when the Moon did not cover the Sun in its Entirety during a Solar Eclipse. This speaks of more anomalies and eccentricities in Orbit, which is also explained by our approaching of Galactic Center since more energies converging into our orbital paths will push those Paths to their very Extremities.

Let me remind you, or Others rather what those old enough DO remember. The Sun has gone from Yellow to White, and now to a Bluish White. A Blue Whale and a Sperm Whale have seemingly mated and produced one hell of an Offspring. Notice too that on occasion when looking at Soho's cameras, we have also seen its crescent Tail shooting off from the Sun, and No one has offered a good explanation for it. But it Certainly LOOKS like a whale's Tail.

I'm a patient sort most of the time, but I DO have my limits, Lady.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25665409

And again, the 'LADY' comment.
Proof once and for all that you are a childish troll.

You first called my thoughts in this Thread "crap" which I didn't take very kindly too.

And certainly no Man would choose such a gay-looking Avatar I do believe. Since you opened the Door with your initial post into mine with plain talk, I will not worry about my own plain talk if I so think it so shall I speak it. Fair, no?

Now you call me a Troll. But who really is?

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