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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I don't know why you can't still See what I write. Again First Links don't cut it. If you can't write in your own words means you don't understand.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25665409

I've written in my own words and you ignored it. It was a page back now. Here it is again. You provided evidence to refute a total of NONE of this before. Pay attention to the part I've bolded.

The Earth has NOT tilted any more than it always has. The north star is still where it is supposed to be as are all the others. If there were some anomalous tilt they would not be. The APPARENT tilt of the Moon is a trick of perspective. EVERYTHING in the sky appears to tilt throughout the night. The Moon APPEARS tilted to the left when it rises and you are looking East. Then it is upright when high in the sky and you are looking South and then appears tilted to the right when it sets and you are looking West. At no time did the Moon or the Earth actually tilt. YOU turned while looking at it. How do we know it is only an apparent tilt? Because at the same time you see it tilted to the right and setting, someone on the other side of the world sees it tilted to the left and rising. Both can't be true. neither are. At all times the North pole of the moon is still pointed north.

Think about it logically, if you are looking South at the moon high in the sky, the Moon should be upright because the North pole is pointing North. If you are looking West at the Moon setting, which direction is North? It is now on your right, so should the Moon still appear upright? No of course not. It will appear tilted so the North pole still points North but it hasn't actually turned, nor has the Earth. YOU did. You were looking South, now West.

Second, the tilting of the Crescent was never before so often seen during all seasons, and now that it is, it's a common occurrence that FR properly explains? I don't think so.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25665409

Yes it was. Just because you didn't notice it doesn't mean it didn't happen.
 Quoting: Weasel_Turbine

Ah darn, back to the same Boring verbage yet again. Oh well This is certainly the best some can do, would take a Lot of energy for the dull to try and rise above their own Predicament, save but for Moments.

Yes, AGAIN! I've read your words and the same words countless of times elsewhere, ad nauseum. I'm not sure why you can't understand. To you too:


See comments above to Lady Boy for Further explanation, if you can find your way about.
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