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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I find it interesting how facts about the moons tilt is paired with other opinions, be it galactic alignment or the calculated extra gravitational partner of our Sun, and how easy it's dismissed because of one or the other.
What about the Moon? Do your self a favor, Address the issue without theory or hypothesis that leave you susceptible to "Reductio ad absurdum".
Instead of trolling, try and think about "Why people insist that the moon has changed".
11:11 may have shot himself in the foot but he can still hop along a valid, though unexplained, issue.
 Quoting: abitaskew

While I understand the crux of your point, I tend not to agree with most of it, because (first) everything is tied in together when we take even just one matter at hand, especially when all the assumptions and presuppositions of the Arguers come into play. And second, well it's my thread after all and seems like better to only hog one thread than keep starting new ones, so that the Admins if they tire of seeing me, only have to see one of Me, when I share other Insights that come to mind which may or may not tie in directly into the subject matter I first started, but hopefully which someone might still find nonetheless interesting.

Like such insight that I will share soon, since I am finished with my 3 day of Meditative Fasting. Let me see what else others have posted first.

Oh and I don't know from your post who 11:11 is, and I also don't know why you mentioned a companion to our Sun, if this is an attempt to bring in to People's minds the fictitious Planet X or Nibiru or cast my idea as having the same such merit as this. I hope not, because this would be a grave injustice IMO. In any case, if there is a companion Star to our own Sol, I would suspect it's Jupiter if any.
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