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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Ah darn, back to the same Boring verbage yet again. Oh well This is certainly the best some can do, would take a Lot of energy for the dull to try and rise above their own Predicament, save but for Moments.

Yes, AGAIN! I've read your words and the same words countless of times elsewhere, ad nauseum. I'm not sure why you can't understand. To you too:


See comments above to Lady Boy for Further explanation, if you can find your way about.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22569292

the fundamental problem is you don't understand what you're talking about. EVERYTHING is still in the correct place. YOU haven't proven otherwise. Just because you don't understand it doens't mean it isn't true. I've yet to see you show that you understand field rotation AT ALL. If you're going to TRY to say that what is being seen is not field rotation (despite all the proof otherwise and no complaining from those that do understand it all) then it would help if you understood it first.
 Quoting: Weasel_Turbine

That's all you can Do? Is hand waving on an on about FR all you have? That's all they Give you I imagine. Still you can't address the main problem, so you too can't Navigate, Read, or Think.

No matter how many times you say I don't Understand, I do. You Don't, so you might want to at some point save Face. But that's on you, it's pretty funny to me, albeit in a tragic sort of way!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22569292

Who is "they"? You really think there is some conspiracy trying to hide the "truth" from you? Hah! You're funny!

I STILL have yet to see ANY proof from you. YOU claim the tilt is more than normal or at odd times. YOU need to prove it. YOU have so far failed to even try.

Still waiting by the way for your explanation about why IF the tilt of the moon is because of the Earth then two people on opposite sides of the Earth can see the moon tilting opposite apparent directions exactly as they would for field rotation.
 Quoting: Weasel_Turbine

Of course there's a Conspiracy afoot, Weasel, and this is such a board, in case you forgot! THEY (TPTB) don't want us to know the truth, what they're doing to us, or what our real situation is, and certainly Not where we are heading, which I've already herein described to no small letter, tyvm. You're welcome.

As far as Proof goes, I've seen lots of Proof given, and I even supplied one in a Thread about two years ago now, showing a picture of the moon high in the sky from the Northern Hemisphere compared to same moon more than a Decade ago, and it wasn't good enough for those who choose not to believe. Then it was that the first time that Libration was first given as an explanation by none other than John Lear, who was supposed to be an expert on the Moon. When that didn't work out, he and others came on Board and started spouting (the first time to my knowledge) that it was rather Field Rotation, but Never had Field Rotation been used to explain anything about the appearance of the Moon before. The only usual naturally occuring movement of the moon to the apparent eye-witness of a person as he stands in one spot over the course of the Month was Libration:

That's as much as the Moon USED to change orientation once upon the time in the Sky.

And so no Proof can be supplied to the full satisfaction of those on sites like these, Gatekeepers I'd say, who make it a point not only to have themselves not convinced, but take up lots of time and effort to guarantee that others also do not believe. Nor does our looking in the Sky offer good enough proof, just as it is not good enough for you for me to say the Sun has gotten Brighter, even though thousands lay testament to this utterly True and Accurate statement.
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