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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Okay like I previously stated, I did Meditate for 3 days, locking myself up in my little Cube of a Place and didn't leave for the duration. As such I'm still a bit disoriented in my footing, and perhaps my thinking too, but I hope I can write plain enough, and certainly remember all that came to me during that time.

I'll just take it as it comes back to me, so forgive me if it's a little disjointed. I think I'll start with a little Planetary History. Now in so doing, you have to bear in Mind that this can be labeled all Conjecture, but I let you also remember that so is such real fictitious things like the Big Bang or the origins of our moon, or other planets. They really have no clue whatsoever, and I think are pitiful wrong on all accounts, and so mine, if also not true in the End probably hits the mark closer than any of theirs I'm willing to Bet.

The sky was much different back then, the further we go back in Time, if indeed time is linear, but in most likelihood is not. But let's say it is, and we go back Thousand upon thousands of years, if you were to look up at the sky then, your legs just might buckle from underneath you, so amazed at the sight that all your strength that you held dear from within would be sucked right out from you.

The Earth now is the 3rd Rock (another 3) from the Sun, but it wasn't always that way. It was likely the First planet for a while in orbit, while we had two suns in the sky. A big one and a small one, the small one being today what is our Main Sun actually. The big one was what we call Saturn, and it was so gloriously bright that we couldn't even notice the other Sun. At some point Venus came in as a comet from who knows where in deep space, with her long Red hair flowing from behind her as it entered our very close vicinity, so close was it that its tail hit our very much more expansive atmosphere then, and gave us a terrible sight to see with her fiery tail. (Notice too, that dragons are in every culture's mythos around the world) Now since our atmosphere was more expansive with elements like hydrogen and Oxygen, when the tail whipped into it, it changed much of that composition into Water, thus then showering us and deluging us with so much water. Check out the pictures of Venus and you'll see her long Fiery hair not only flowing around her, but much water behind her in the background. Now we have much more Water, perhaps responsible for the sinking of places like Atlantis, certainly many many places along the coastline or very near sea level.

Now this was only part of the calamity because she was also the Real Eve who enticed Adam to fall from God's Grace. And how did she accomplish this? She enticed her man Mars, who Turned into the God of War, following her to eat that Apple. There was probably a good number of cities and civilizations on Mars too, which would also be closer to the Second Bigger Sun, with lots of water, atmosphere, and a magnetic field to keep it all in. But he alas followed her and did make war against Saturn, and in so doing lost all he had, the populace, the air, and the magnetosphere. The Water is still there, but now just Ice covered with some Dust. Oh, and the Scars from such a Battle. Saturn was wounded greatly and lost at least two of her moons, one turning to Mercury and the other we gained. But that's good, because with all the new water gained, we needed a Satellite more than ever to keep us stabilized if nothing else.

And so Saturn got the Sword from Mars and went where she never had before, beyond the path of even far-out Jupiter. I'm sure she lots even more moons, so that now we have the Rings of Saturn, as well as the asteroid Belt beyond Mars.

This is also the reason why the Sabbath for Jewish folk is Saturday and why they honor it.

Now as for the peculiar Size of the Moon, being just the correct same size to the visible Eye as the Sun in our Sky, the Moon which we first gained from Saturn was most likely not the same size at first. But one of two things happened, and you can take the one that seems better to you. I have my favorite.

Either the weakened bigger Moon then when it came to its first Lunar Eclipse experienced a huge fiery electric arc from the sun (no doubt provoked from the many things going on within her domain), then going around the Earth's magnetosphere, taking more atmosphere with it, but giving the full brunt to the moon, and then the moon's outer shell (like that delicious candy-coated M&M having gotten suddenly and with one Fell Swoop sucked the outer shell out by one of us eager ones) stripped away into Space.

Else after so many Lunar Eclipses, it was gradually sucked away or melted down, bit by bit from the extreme temperature of the Sun, which the Moon is unable to withstand having no magnetic or atmospheric protection.

Okay, well there's more, but I think this is enough for one sitting. And if no one's ultimately interested, I can save myself the finger strain!
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