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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

So says you, but you've been Wrong thus far. Plus it's also humorous when another Culture seeks to understand another. Just like our trying to say that the Mayans were into Sacrifice, which is not true AT ALL! So you have in your possession an accurate account of Egyptian knowledge...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10082464

Prove I've been wrong. You have yet to provide ANY actual evidence.
 Quoting: Weasel_Turbine

Recent Threads by you: None
Joined: 10/15/2012

Looks like you're attracted to replying within Moon threads, though, so you do have a purpose!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10082464

And that is proof of anything how? Still waiting for proof of ANYTHING you've contended. You've provided none so far.

Still waiting for you to show even a basic understanding of field rotation. You've shown none so far.

By the way, the join date is just when I finally bothered to sign up for an account. I've been posting here for years.
 Quoting: Weasel_Turbine

With all the bickering and endless back and forth, you not listening, and my not understanding...why I've gone cross-eyed!

[link to www.kcocco.com]

More Random (or not quite random) thoughts:

The Pryamids...how many? Three! Two Big and One small, correct? I've never understood that they only serve to Point to the Stars in Orion's Belt, what on Earth would be the Purpose of That? Of course I do believe the Pyramids fall on some great Ley Lines and tap into some great natural acoustics of the Earth. From that point I won't diminish, but also posit that they once upon a time signaled the Two Great Suns (Sol and Saturn). The small one left then? I can only think of the Moon.

And what did they also Revere? The cat. Now these were smart people, and they had to have good reason to idolize this certain feline of all the animals in the animal kingdom (Besides what is also depicted in their Sphyx of course). Now I'm personally a dog-lover more than a cat (which I still love), but my affinity goes naturally to the dog, having many since I was a kid growing up myself. they easily give their affection, and are so playful. But I'm not here to debate which is better, cat or dog, ala Meet the Parents or whatnot. Just that the cat has a sublime beauty all its own, and I think the two reasons for their adoration in Egyptian times has to do with their glowing Eyes (two, like the two suns), and their two triangular ears also signifying the same.

Now as for that mystery the Sphyx, I've yet to fully Riddle that One!

I've already mentioned, as is already well-known, the White Bunny in Alice in Wonderland. I'm also reminded of Donnie Darko's Disturbing Bunny. Notice there too the Eye that is smitten and glowing in the Mirror.

Now a lot of Christians take exception to when others write the spelling Xmas for Christmas, replacing their Holy Christ with but a profane X! But they are only ignorant of the proper history of the X, for it comes from their very own Ichthyus the Fish in Greek. X is their Christos (Christos) which is again where the real Cross comes to have meaning: the Crossing of the Galactic Plane. How many were also crucified with him? Two others, so including Himself, comes to 3. Only the real Sincere in Heart on the Z axis (those of us on Earth) will enter into Paradise. Others? Sorry! You unfortunately will not even be a bug on a windshield in the next life. Your life in 2 months shall come to an Everlasting End. RIP I say.

Now it's only significant to me that this year I turned 39, multiples of 3, but this is only for myself to enjoy, so I have to just move on. What else?

Another marvel of Infinity that our mind cannot grasp is Pi, which begins with another 3 and extends on in mathematical terms seemingly forever. This is because math cannot contain nor fully explain the Reality of our wonderful universe.

Skull and Bones which I've also mentioned previously (if the third month) but which I forgot to add is that what is their symbol? Just that, a CROSS of bones, with the Skull on top, just like some blarney Pirates. But they get this right I suppose, along with Mason's two prominent pillars they like to display, or black and white checkered tile, or their navigational symbols.

Christmas is darn close to December 21st. Can't have it fall exactly on the Winter Solstice, now can we that would just be too obvious!

And of course Jesus burial for 3 days in the bowls of the Earth is just like Jonah's in the Fish, which Moby Dick also speaks a lot about.

The ring in the LOTRs I've mentioned already too several times, and the all seeing one-eye of Sauron. The ring is round obviously to bring to our mind that round bright Object in the Sky we shouldn't forget again, but also the materialism that all the world is scurrying towards and making it their life-long ambition to obtain, but not realizing all the while how it seeps all the lifeforce out of them, and will leave them hollow and shallow just as the ring itself, and he or she is but a soulless Gollum in the end.

In Pop culture, don't forget how many celebrities display the One Eye, like lady Gaga. Britney Spears til the World ends video, has given you just about as many clues to the Sun that possibly can be laiden in a video. Kirsten Durnst brilliantly played her role in Melancholia, and suffered much own personal depression of her own. She knows what is to come. Even though it's not a extra-planetary body we have to worry about. But all the other signs are correct, from the electricity in the atmosphere, to our being enveloped in water, to "We are Alone, the World is Evil, and no one will miss it", and the sinking of the ground, and the rise of bugs, and the initial excitement and then calm of our animals, and then the extreme weather, and then those who like Weasel or Kathy will try and placate us til the very End, while the cowards they are will ultimately take their own lives in Fear and not be able to withstand the end. And how many did the Film focus on at the end? Three! One who knew all along, one who comes to can't deny it, and one like all the children who will just place their good trust in the rest of Us for whatever happens.
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