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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Now one more thought concerning my original OP. They say Field Rotation. But I watched the moon 2 days ago when it first appeared in our sky here I think around 5pm. Its orientation most closely resembled the picture found in this article:

[link to www._guardian.co.uk] (remove the underline to work the link)

Now even this is very curious, because if you reference back the orientation of the moon in its lunar libration, it's a bit out of whack, no?

[link to www.youtube.com]

Look where the dark crater in the upper right position is. That's what my eye focused on, and it's position was almost like in the Guardian Link, which is in the 1 o'clock position. But my Viewing took it to be in the 1:30 position. In the Libration Video, it's wobbling in the 2:30 position it looks to me.

So I can only conclude then that we are tilted most unusually yet again.

And oh, back to my first thought about FR. That dark crater that I pointed your attention to, well it was in the same position (remember about 1:30) all night long. Yes, I watched it all night. Didn't turn at all with this FR theory.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26705613

Prove it. Oh that's right you didn't bother to take any pictures to prove what you saw or that you supposedly watched it all night. You also prove you don't even understand field rotation. Rather sad that you can't do basic research.

I'll still be here in late December when you've been proven wrong and have just moved onto the next supposed doomsday.
 Quoting: Weasel_Turbine

Haha, good Ol' Weasel! I love your attempts at Nothing, I really do. Glad you showed up again. Surprised though you didn't get a good beating from such a piss-poor job you did before here from your Superiors! Here to redeem yourself? Still not doing so well though...

Even beyond my Good Eye, you didn't address anything about the other point. I'll take that glaring omission as not by Accident.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26717673

Superiors? Oh, you think I'm paid to refute your BS? What a sad attempt at poisoning the well. You always know the BS pushers have nothing when they accuse those against them of being paid to do so. You had a point beides you don't understand field rotation or really anything you're seeing in the night sky? I notice you have yet to actually prove anything. I see lots of handwaving but nothing resembling proof. Not that I expected any from you.

So what are you going to do in late December when nothing happens?
 Quoting: Weasel_Turbine

If I'm wrong, I'll eat my hat! I'll give you full video, but I must insist to add a little Tobasco sauce, for flavor's sake.

And what will you do when I'm right? Oh, that's right, you'll be eating that from wence you came, HINT: rhymes with Dust!

Note too: I used "hand waving" first, in part because it applied to you, and also because that's also a word you guys use so often. And you just did, haha.

One last point, when you do a search for moon field rotation and see what video comes up, why it's TBars! So much predictability, yet, oh so little time...

Well what I've said in the past still stands, and the good Reader can choose to accept it or not. You said your peace and I've said mine, to continue to try and get the last word in just appears Argumentative on your side. This is my Thread after all, so when I'm allowed to post a reply I'll do so. And most people if they don't agree with something, just say their peace and move on. But that's the Usual person, mind you. So yes, I do suspect your motives, esp when you've already given us verbatim verbage of FR already. I mean SAME words, over and over in this thread and on others, like the talking points that mouth pieces use when even they who copy and past it don't have a clue how it could explain things we see in the sky. You too haven't even spelled an argument, I'll remind you as well.

So..stuff it!
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