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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It snowed BADLY and HEAVY here in australia today and its our spring. Its so cold we are all in jumpers with the fire going. Had a cold summer last year, a freezing winter and now our spring is freezing. I cant see us having a summer this year. We dont get any good days. The polar shift is already here.
 Quoting: grasptheuniverse

This Earth is changing.
No doubt.
The proof is here and now. I am not going to go through the litany of disasters we are experiencing on Earth that are NOT normal.
To me, this is proof that something is happening and we are in the process of more unfolding.
 Quoting: Angel Helper

Yes, and I've also listed a few within this thread already, and no doubt you and others who have had the shackles removed from your Eyes know the rest all too well.

To borrow comments I put on another thread of a Solar subject, two things:

1) Check out some fluroescent lights sometime, they'll flicker such that you can see at night, WITHOUT having a power source!

2) Most trees' leaves' colors now are just horrible! Even the delicate crops in the gardens here have those tiny holes in them. Sad that most will see it but not understand what;s really going on in their world...just shrugging off yet more signs (meh, what a lousy melancholy look to the vistas...then looks down upon their PDA or cell phone to the next thing that captures their attention)

"Don't you see the signs?"
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