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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Oh I guess there is a Fourth reason why I'm asking someone to Pin this, and that is, the value has got to be seen somewhere! Given a choice between two beverages, one free and one that costs something. Which one do you think most will want? It's also like in the Tom Sawyer book (at the beginning): To make a man want something, all you have to do is make it Hard to Obtain. And so shall I. (plus it allows me to weasel out)

Now let me consolidate a few of the ideas I've had in the past, if I may.

What color did you color the Sun as a kid? Yeah it was Yellow. Now I know the big comeback by a certain Guy was, "What do kids color it NOW?" And that's certainly a good enough Argument. My reply is just this: Our Yellow Sun is the way it damn well SHOULD BE!

Likewise: Give some crayons and a piece of paper to some kids, and what's the one thing most will likely draw? Yep, the Sun.

The moon is off, because well, certainly the atmosphere has thinned, and is also being influenced by the EM forces of the Earth (the moon having no inherent Rotation of its own).

Drink pure Mountain Water! (If you're lucky enough to be at such a source)

Take a look at a simple Rock (stone) and regard it as your reminder of Catastrophism.

That's all that comes to mind ATM.
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