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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
One last point, when you do a search for moon field rotation and see what video comes up, why it's TBars! So much predictability, yet, oh so little time...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26965679

His isn't the only one. Search for moon field rotation in GLP's search bar. Go ahead, do it. Only one thread comes up. And he's exactly right.
Thread: Live video of the moon showing field rotation and the moon's exact position in the sky! 10-2-11 Summary on page 4!! (Page 4)
But that's the Usual person, mind you. So yes, I do suspect your motives, esp when you've already given us verbatim verbage of FR already. I mean SAME words, over and over in this thread and on others,
 Quoting: AC

The truth doesn't change just because you and others keep spewing the same BS on thread after thread. It's field rotation. Get over it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27132643

I was talking about doing a search on Google.

Like I said, FR doesn't apply to my initial Post. Read it and stop responding to just my thread Title.

And back to my initial Post about the impending pole shift, I've no doubt it will happen. I've had another dream last night where North America becomes somehow situated over Europe, I mean above it northward. Not sure if that's how it'll play out, but there's going to be lots of shifting, to be sure.

In the same dream I was also viewing the Entire globe spinning around, and felt like Gravity was failing and I was perilously close to being spun off the very face of the Earth!

Now there's something about gyroscopes as it relates to the rotation of our heavenly bodies that I just can't put my finger on yet, but I'm going to keep meditating on it. I mean just watch this amazing video:

[link to www.youtube.com]

Think we're going to get told the Reality from our Schools? not likely.
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