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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ahh I see now why I Won so easily on this Thread...the main players (yes I'm being kind in my wordage) have pretty much jumped/abandoned ship. And all we're left with is the second-rate folk. It just hit me.

It's almost 2am so going on my second night without sleep. Should I continue? My body craves nothing but sleep. I'm running low on Coffee too, and even the Nicotene from my cigarettes seem to be having any effect.

I was getting instant micro sleeps during the day today, and forgetting even the simplest of things. It's hard to even maintain a current strain or thread (even this isn't the right word) of thought.

Why do we need sleep so?

But as I'm not coherent, if there's anybody else who would like to take a crack at unwinding the very fabric of my argument, now would be a perfect time.

And as my mind is jumping from one point to the next, remember not to discount the power of the mind in determining Time, even one of my favorite lil tidbits:

Thread: why when I touch my toe do I feel it instantly?

Our brains, independent of us of course, determine in and of themselves that which we become consciously aware of, taking in thousands of stimuli almost every moment and only giving us a few that we register. In fact, isn't it just amazing how an entire Universe lives inside us, carrying on so much Life and Function, without our mere hint of knowing? That's our Fractal REality isn't it?

Actually what I also think is that our World down to the tiniest of levels is a matter of Bubbles. Little Bubbles of Energetic Spin, so that when one spins one way, we get Positive, and when another spins the opposite, the Negative. When our Physics class tries to learn us into believing that the electron can instantaneously jump from one position to another without even a hint of transition through space, they just don't know what they're talking about. And that it's the spin they encounter, and by trying to detect it at such a tiny level, just get a glimpse every now and then of where the main force is at any given time.

Now these Bubbles give rise to the macro view of our Universe, because as things spin faster--meaning more energy and more heat they start to swirl around each other and give rise to the spiral-cone vortexes that we witness on the Larger scale. Take my cigarette. If you look at the smoke coming from it, especially in a room with no air current, it swirls so fast at the beginning that it appears to go up in a straight line. But you'll notice soon after that it swirls around and around, until the cone gets bigger, and--eventually-dissipates into a non-swirling mass, having lost its energy. No different from other high forms of energy like hurricanes or tornadoes, or even the flame from a candle. Did you know that a single flame from a candle swirls? Look carefully sometime.

And so this also gives rise to another wonderful thought. That the whole universe is composed of these spirals, I'm talking of course of the Galaxies. And then they swirl around each other as one loses some of its energy, up and down and all around, until they pick it up again from those galaxies that have too much and shed them with a very Awesome release of their energy, so that they swirl about themselves and renew themselves for all Eternity!

Remember we live in a 3D world, not 2D and so these notions that Light and Sound waves are just two dimensional waves that just go up and down fail miserably at describing the reality. They are SPIRALING through all of space. And also, now that I think about it in my rambling incoherent sleepless ways atm, even things in Space has Sound--because Space is no vacuum, and contains all that Electrical Plasma, which is what they try and convince us doesn't exist, but some sort of mystical magical Dark energy is out there. Just take their word for it!

That probably doesn't make a lick of sense. But I'm trying to keep myself occupied, and hopefully has some Entertainment Value if nothing else.
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