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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Last thing, I'll be taking myself offline from this thread for an Extended period of time. How long? Well I can't for too long, and then prove someone like Weasel right, that I'll man out if I'm wrong about everything. But there's so little time left until the 21st of December. I feel like most don't care anyway. But I know I should remind myself that it's still going to be only a select Few that Hear. I've done this thread, and I've even gone on the street corners here in Korea with my little home-made makeshift sign of the sun turning from happy to sad on the Said day. And I did get a few good folks from that experience. Still, my heart is Sad that there's not much in the End we can do to Effect a large Populace who has been dumbed and controlled down from their very infancy into this World. Perhaps my Depression is just a lack of sleep, but I'm pretty sure that I won't come back to this thread until 2 or 3 weeks at least.

So indulge me for a moment. I went to school in SoCal, and my time as a naive wide-eyed Christian still brings me comfort and many fond memories. And still many of the fundamentals still hold true in my mind. And so let me Share 2 videos of my rebellious long-haired days of then. I met these guys when I was on the Tram going into Magic Mtn in LA.

[link to www.youtube.com]

Because it's the imaginations that run rampant among the World that are Really the cause of all their stupid follies.

And then even more hard-core (but like Jack Black, you're not hard-core unless you live hard-core, and that's been me my whole life), hey with a name like Vengeance rising:

[link to www.youtube.com]

Because Time is short. Unfortunately the lead singer was disillusioned with Christianity, as he should, but not with God he shouldn't've been. But anyway. If there's no more responses to this Thread in the Meantime, allow me to take my Leave (to the Mods delight I'm sure! haha) for a certain Spell.
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