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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm going to try this Post again, Round Two, because I really wasn't in the frame of mind last time to respond to it appropriately, just wanting to go to bed.

I'll Bold my comments.

Bet you can't even admit the possibility that you may be wrong, can you? See, that's what really separates me from you. Never ever have I ever seen a Shill admit he could be Mistaken.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27437534

Absolutely, as balanced skepticism dictates. You confuse knowledge with unwillingness to listen. We HAVE LISTENED to what you have to say and challenged you to support your claims. You can't/won't. You just have excuses and obvious dodges. We KNOW what causes the Moon to "tilt" as it crosses the sky. It is not rocket-science or some new theory- it's just basic geometry and astronomy- MIDDLE-SCHOOL stuff! Explain how field rotation doesn't exist- you CAN'T! You won't even TRY, because you KNOW you can't! You're not stupid- you're just bored and playing around with this stuff excites you. You have shown nothing real to uphold your claims and all your alleged reasoning about it is just laughably bankrupt. Anybody with ANY knowledge in astronomy knows that.

Okay so you just admitted you COULD be wrong, thanks!

I could very well say the same to you: That you don't listen a Word to what we say, esp ME because you keep casting aside my arguments and Proofs, and keep spouting off your one and only fallback, which Falls Short: your FR that you so feverishly worship. Because like I said, no one is claiming FR doesn't exist for things like the stars in our Sky, but only Libration accounts for any difference in the Moon's perspective to us. The only time the Moon will change beyond that will be if WE change our position on the Earth (e.g., going from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern).

I've watched the Moon all night and it's never once changed like your FR theory would dictate. So if any were to laugh, I'd say it'd be me to your staunch and religious blind adherence to your bankrupt and hollow FR.

Your approach is right out of Nancy Lieder's playbook- make and absurd claim, and when people say it's absurd, say that they are part of the coverup and it proves you RIGHT!

Again liking me to someone Else who most might agree isn't the most sane is another tactic that doesn't work with me.

Your steadfast denial of the existence of field rotation is all anyone needs to see to write you off as an intentionally obtuse troll who is just playing games.

More name-calling, noted MeowMeow.

You liked my post above because I stopped insisting on staying focused on the salient point and that spoils your fun. You just want someone to spar with. Meh... I don't care to play an unending game of dodge-ball. I'm sure you can continue to impress various and sundry dolts who come along and will believe the pseudo-scientific drivel. It's much easier for you to play in that sandbox than to deal with REAL science, which is HARD and demanding! In the REAL world of science, you can make any claim you want, but you have to BACK IT UP. You can't impress SERIOUS scientists, so you play it safe where you can impress the uneducated gullibles.

I've yet to see any Real science from you, and now you are calling all those who rightfully believe in all the signs all around them with this and that Name. Now that I look at your post with an unweary eye, I'm ashamed that I called it Excellent, because it is ANYTHING BUT! In fact, you now make me Sick.

Have fun, but just know that people who really know this stuff are just going to laugh at you, and it's not because you are so far beyond them that they can't understand you. Your crowd would like for that to be true, but it's just not.
 Quoting: Menow 1394150

I think rather it's us who are Laughing at you and with your Diatribe of that Diabolical FR and pseudo-science that you so cling to. We shall indeed also have the Last Laugh. You are the Very Reason why Cyclical Time is Established, and shall soon be gutted from Existence.
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