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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You said there is no such thing as a stupid question.

I do sun cupping.
What it is is rubbing my palms together vigorously and then cupping them tightly over my eyes so there is no light.
Sometimes in the center of the darkness there will be a pattern, a brief, brilliant pattern and then in becomes pure darkness - a void.
I love that void. Nothing exists there. And even if the day is hot and the sun is super baking just doing this causes a shadow over your body.
After a few minutes of conscious breathing with the eye closed, your eyes remain closed whilst you move your hands and face the sun.

The absolute brilliance of this is unlike anything I have experienced.
Pure light, brilliant red, orange and sometimes white.
No plant has ever enabled me to experience anything as profoundly intense and awesome as this.

I don't do this everyday in summer - about once a week. In winter it is done daily.

So my question is are we just packets of light energy inhabiting bodies and is this sun illumination actually activating me?
What are you actually saying in the most simple terms is the next step for our sun?
 Quoting: khoisansun

Fascinating...I'll have to try this myself. Great questions too (I hope i can do them justice), and your words brought me to meditate on something, which I've been doing, and I think I just had another Eureka! moment, which I'll get to after answering your question. But just wanted to say thanks before I forget to what your comments have brought to my mind.

One of my favorite movies is Before Sunrise (I guess I'm a chick-flick lover) and the words "remember we are all stardust'. I have to just leave at that atm, because I feel I don't have the proper answer for you that you deserve yet (sorry, but i will get back to you on this)

Next step for our sun? I think the next step is that it must release its extra energy or fuel.

So this means two things basically. First, the biggest solar flare ever. Think the strongest known XFlare, and multiply it by, oh, maybe a million. If not a billion. Will it be geocentric? Unfortunately yes, since we'll be between the sun and the galactic center.

Second, that fuel will pave the way nicely to make a strong conduit from the center of the galaxy to the sun, so that we will get a sustained electric arc hit for an extended period of time. Anywhere from 3-9 hours if we're lucky, and 3 days to 3 weeks if we're unlucky. Remember these things?

[link to tech.massivelinks.com]

Those filaments of energy run through a plasma, and just like when you touched your finger to the edge to give it something to connect with, our solar system's fingers will be our planets, and esp the Earth being in direct pathway.

That's a clinical examination of it in any case, and my best understanding at the time being.

now as for the other Eureka! moment, please bear (or beer if you please, to toast) with me because I just had this thought not but moments ago, so it's still a little bit in its infancy stage, but I think already developed enough to hopefully make some sense...

(TBC on next post)
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