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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You said there is no such thing as a stupid question.

I do sun cupping.
What it is is rubbing my palms together vigorously and then cupping them tightly over my eyes so there is no light.
Sometimes in the center of the darkness there will be a pattern, a brief, brilliant pattern and then in becomes pure darkness - a void.
I love that void. Nothing exists there. And even if the day is hot and the sun is super baking just doing this causes a shadow over your body.
After a few minutes of conscious breathing with the eye closed, your eyes remain closed whilst you move your hands and face the sun.

The absolute brilliance of this is unlike anything I have experienced.
Pure light, brilliant red, orange and sometimes white.
No plant has ever enabled me to experience anything as profoundly intense and awesome as this.

I don't do this everyday in summer - about once a week. In winter it is done daily.

So my question is are we just packets of light energy inhabiting bodies and is this sun illumination actually activating me?
What are you actually saying in the most simple terms is the next step for our sun?
 Quoting: khoisansun

I loved reading your description of the sun cupping, I read it several times. You're an excellent writer, and I just feel the experience with you, very very neato to have the skills necessary to convey that. Shills need a syringe also of your creativity.

I share your love of your mentioned Void, the best time for me is making sure there are no lights in the Room and I'm surrounded by utter darkness. I love the feeling (well not only of not having a pair of eyes on me) of just being absorbed with the Universe. That's the best I can describe it. I wanted to share your experience also with facing then the sun, but today was overcast all day. Tomorrow should be better. Again, that's just awesome, and just imagining it I get excited!

It also I think reinforces my point about the speed of light, and I'm starting to convince myself (if not anybody else) that it's the pressure from its speed and inertia and frequency that produce the various colors, as we can experience color from the warmth of the hands, to pressure from our hands, to raising our elevation rapidly enough.

Similarly maybe you can help me out, because there was a point that I read once about there being a likely significance to the fact that our Ear is the only sensory organ with Dual function, both with sound and balance. Ah wait, it's Pressure isn't it! Ha, I guess I answered my own question. I think that's neat, so that both the eye and ear function from Pressure.

Now I'll try and take another stab at your prior questions:

So my question is are we just packets of light energy inhabiting bodies and is this sun illumination actually activating me?

I think you're right, I just don't know how to go about exactly proving it. But my mind is reminded of how we are composed of mostly water which is hydrogen (the sun's main fuel) and oxygen. And do you remember reading how they found lots of water being given off at the center of our galaxy? Funny how everything is connected in Life of the Universe, not as they would us believe that we are disconnected. Still didn't prove your point, but just speaking out loud.

This also reminds me of how wonderful the mechanisms are in place, from the fundamental Bubble of energy, to create all the variety in our atom and molecular bubbles and all the life that stems from them. This is Pure Alchemy. And works wonderfully!

Is there a true Philosopher's Stone? I believe so. Now of course they don't want it known the true way, they being both those in charge and those who in the past who have known the Secret. I think though I have an idea, and some say they have revealed the truth to be the Fluid that Man so readily discards--Urine. But I'm inclined to believe there are two other ingredients, two other from a Man (when making the one kind) and two other from a Woman (when making the other). For a total of 3 ingredients for each kind of Stone.

Sooo...just, well, Look at how the Thinker sits..

[link to www.americanthinker.com]

Ha, maybe, just maybe...
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