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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
 Quoting: jacksprat

Thanks for the Bump, Jack! I hope there's some lean fat in here too for your liking.

Watched Cloud Atlas. Were those two moons at the end???

And loved the futuristic Seoul, Korea. Another thread of past days of mine: What other species has the slanted Asian Eye? Only a few come close, but not exactly/completely. What does it mean? Are they aliens? I don't know.. But I'm pretty convinced in the probabilities of Asians weathering the upcoming storm, at least their continent. And to this one particular I'll prove C&PWeasel right: I've no evidence for this.

"And what if no one believes in this Truth"
"Somebody already has."

Lots of things to try and sift through in that movie, but one thing that I'm reminded of is a thought I've had for a while...

We come back to be kids! To play! To have fun, and discover the world again newly. I love this thought.

But Don't fall into the mental trap of this movie or Inception and think that it's just as easy to escape with committing suicide, since you'll just come back again anyway. Even though we don't consciously remember, our Souls grow, and they won't grow if you take your Life. At least, that's ideal. Of course I can sympathize with those who might be under something like a constant Pain, like my Uncle was from a brain tumor, and shot himself in the head in front of his frantic wife. I do sympathize under such circumstances, and easy for me to say Don't. But please, please don't! Because while the Creator gives us a ship-load of Time to develop our Souls, there comes a time that if you're too far in the negative Black, you don't get to play anymore. Of this I'm convinced.
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